Phil Soltysiak is hard at work in Aruba getting ready for the 2018 freestyle season on the PWA, but the freestyle champ is a serious contender for slalom honors too and will be looking to confirm his 2016 national title in Virginia in April!

Phil Soltysiak (CAN-9) doesn't need to be introduced: a fixture on the PWA freestyle tour, Phil travels the world spinning and twirling with the best, and the style and energy he brings to every contest is infectious! But there's something in Phil's story that's even more impressive than his high-flying antics. It's his eagerness to share what he knows with everyone lucky enough to cross his path!

We've been fortunate to have Phil with us at US Nationals for many years now, and his clinics, words of encouragement and all-around positive vibe have helped raise the bar for countless lucky participants. But Phil the master freestyler is also a serious contender around the buoys! He finished 4th in slalom at the 2017 Nationals in Berkeley after winning the title outright in 2016 in Corpus Christi (pictured above stalking PWA-regular Enes Yilmazer at that very contest), so it's fair to say that he's coming to win in Yorktown! Here's the message he just sent us from Aruba, where he's hosting a week-long clinic at the moment:

"I look forward to racing at the 2018 US Windsurfing Nationals in Virginia come April! Hopefully I can repeat my 2016 performance!"

Everyone, sharpen your skills! But relax: you don't need to be a professional windsurfer to race at the US National Festival. In fact, one of the best things about the event is that it's open to absolutely all levels. Come have fun and learn from the best - sign up here!

Phil blogs about his adventures here. Check him out on Instagram too!